Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Puppy Love and Light Bulbs


I've always said that the funnest part of teaching Sunbeams was the fact that we could continue to wath our little nursery kids grow and their personalities develop. Well we now have a little Romeo on our hands. A few weeks ago I noticed one little boy, we'll call him E, being very midful of one of the girls in our class. He sat next to her and throughout the lesson he had his arm across the back of her chair. She hasn't been back to class since then, but our little Romeo surfaced again this week, putting his attention on another girl in class. During sharing time we noticed E stroking the girl's hair, then he sat next to her in class and put his arm around her and stuck close to her side during our walk. He was so gentle, so kind and so protective. I had to chuckle at the glimpse of this little man in a 3 year old form. He'll be a real catch some day.

One of our challenges is getting our kids to sing, especially when the whole primary is learning a song that they have never heard before. To reinforce music leader's teaching in sharing time, Nate had the idea that we would play a recording of the song during the first few minutes of class while they ate their snacks. As the music played on little girl commented how they were singing the same song next door. She then looked over at the table, and you could almost see the mental gears working and then a light bulb moment... "hey, it's coming from there," as she pointed to the small speakers.