Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Mob Veto

So I actually swipped this post idea from my friends the Birches but I thought it was worth mentioning over here for those that don't know/visit their blog.
Check out this article, Prop 8 Backlash Is "An Outrage That Must Stop", published on the Church's newroom regarding an ad in The New York Times. If you follow the link in the article you can add your name to the list.
Standing up for your beliefs and free speech go beyond casting our vote and letting things be once the decision has been made. It's standing firm in the face of opposition in the aftermath. For me this is a further witness to how important this issue and the fight to protect families is. It is a further testament to Heavenly Father's hand in all things as those that are with us are greater than those that stand against us.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bridal Shower Bonanza

A couple weeks ago I had my bridal shower. It was a really fun afternoon with family and friends celebrating my upcoming wedding (4 weeks exactly from today). Here are some of the highlights.

We went with the theme Sugar and Spice to celebrate the naughty and nice aspect of bridal showers. We held the shower at my parent's house in Chandler and asked my mom to handle the decorating, which if you know my mom, she was thoroughly excited. The whole thing looked lovely and the pictures don't do it justice.

Several of my friends pitched in together to pull the whole thing off and they did a great job. Thanks again ladies, you're the best!

I'm not really to fond of the real cheesy bridal shower games (i.e. toilet paper wedding dress) so I kind of put the posh on a lot of games but the one I was adamant about doing was the question/answer video one where for every answer we didn't get right I had to chew a piece of gum.

It was really entertaining and everyone had a good laugh. I'm not quite sure what question we were laughing at here but I'm guessing it was the question to Nate of "When did you first know it was right to say 'I love you'?" Nate's answer..."When she said it first."

8 pieces of gum later and they tried to get me to blow a bubble. Needless to say I don't want any Double Bubble for a while. YUCK!

And what's a bridal shower without presents!!! Here are some of the PG rated pics. I got plenty of things for Nate and I to enjoy together **wink, wink** but for some reason I'm not to hip on the idea of posting pictures of me with lingerie all on the Internet. My future mother in law and sisters in law had the cute idea of "showering" me with cash. I was a little confused when I opened the bag and saw an umbrella, thank goodness they were there to tell me to open it up.

Thank you to everyone who came by it was great to see you and we look forward to hopefully seeing you again in 4 weeks. Invitations went out last week so if you didn't get yours let me know.