Thursday, October 16, 2008

Show Low Retreat

As some of you know Nate has been in Show Low for the past 2 1/2 weeks (only 8 days left) doing a rural medicine rotation. This past weekend his family made a trip up there to go camping and we figured it would be a good time for me to visit and have his dad take some engagement photos (I can't believe it's that time already). I left work a little early on Friday and was a woman on a mission making the trip from Mesa to Show Low via Payson in 2.5 hours (take that Google maps with your inflated 4 hour estimate). I really did enjoy the drive with my loud music, windows rolled down enjoying the cool autumn mountain air, and my supply of diet coke (hallelujah for QT) but I was really glad to finally get there and see my man. It's amazing how quickly you grow to miss someone when previously you were quite able to live 26 years without them.

The plan was to have our mini photo shoot Saturday since his family was returning home sometime Sunday morning. Mother Nature, however, had a different plan all together. All day Saturday was cloudy, windy, cold, rainy and yes even a few bouts of hail. Despite having to postpone our photo plans we had a lot of fun with plan B as it evolved throughout the day.

We took a drive to visit the spots for pictures that Nate had been scouting out over the past few weeks:

ParadiseDitch CampA-1 Lake

We hung out by the lake for a bit and Nate tried to see if the fish were biting:

Which they were, kinda. Here's Nate doing an "intraoperative hookectomy."

And I showed off my infinite grace by falling off the rock.

And we watched movies in his family's trailer:

By Sunday morning the clouds had cleared but in their place we got cooler temperatures of about 40 degrees in the morning and a high of 54 by the afternoon. Not wanting to waste our opportunity at clear, sunny skies we decided to brave the cold and get some photos in. I don't want to spoil the fun so I won't post any of those yet. After we finished with photos, and his family broke camp to head for home, Nate and I made the short drive up to Sunrise and took a ride up the ski lift.

The views were beautiful but we were freezing despite our jackets, sweaters, and jeans. We should have known we were in trouble when we saw people in line practically dressed for winter with their scarfs, earmuffs, and mittens. Luckily it wasn't anything some cuddling up and hot chocolate couldn't fix.

So I can attest that fall is alive and well in the high country. Ironically enough the weather is forecasted to be in the 70's and sunny this weekend. ={

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanking My Lucky Stars

It never ceases to amaze me how we can look back at the events of our lives and see how the seemingly meaningless or frustrating times really do all come together for our good. I can do this with all sorts of areas of my life but today my attention is drawn to the work realm.

Today I got a phone call from one of my bosses at my previous job. We've kept in touch from time to time over the past 2 years since I left but this phone call was particularly interesting for my previous job was at a subsidary of AIG. I'm not sure if you all have kept up on the news lately but things have not been going well for AIG as they essentially were taken over by the government and they are now selling many of the portions/subsidaries that aren't part of the primary insurance buisness that will remain. Two of the divisions I worked for are a part of this firesale therefore they don't know how much longer they will all have jobs. So after 17 years with the company that had been around for 20, my former boss is in the unlucky position of having to find a new job. Lucky star #1=I left AIG when I did.

Lucky star #2 is also job related as shortly after I started at my current job 2 years ago things got a little "hairy" and there was a period of time where I wasn't sure if I was going to need to find another job. Luckily everything has turned out fine and I'm still here but for quite a while I was searching for other options. I applied and interviewed with a number of commercial real estate lenders, developers, etc. for jobs that I was perfectly qualfied for. Alas time after time nothing came through and I was throughly frustrated but felt deep inside that I was being told it wasn't my time to leave and I should stay put. Thank goodness I listened because with the current state of the industry I know companies have had to cut back and I would have been the first to go.

I am so greatful for a Heavenly Father who has an understanding of the bigger plan, truly does have my best interests at heart and knows what's good for me better than I do. As was mentioned in this last conference, it doesn't mean things are going to be easy (I hope you know, we had a hard time) but if you're prepared, ask for guidance and then listen He will not let you go astray and you will be put in the places where you need to be.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Last time Nate was in town we were up for a physical challenge and decided to try our hand at Camelback Mountain. Nate's hiked Camelback a number of times and ever since we started dating we've talked about going hiking when it cooled down enough. Apparently we were tired of waiting because that Saturday was actually forecasted to be about 100 degrees, but we got up early and went anyways.

I've always liked hiking but this was my first time doing Camelback and I have to admit it had been at least a year (possibly more) since I'd done a decent hike. I've heard that the steep climbs of Camelback can make the trip more challenging than you'd expect so I knew that I'd need to get some kind of energy in me before we started. I was running a little behind that morning and had the brilliant idea of drinking a bunch of Carnation Instant Breakfast as Nate was on his way to pick me up, afterall it has carbs and some protein, perfect idea right? Wrong. Let's just say a stomach full of milk and a hike on a warm day (it was still before noon so it wasn't hot yet) are a bad mix. Needless to say it didn't take too long before I was not feeling well. I was really torn about listening to my gut and turning around or pushing through it and finishing the hike. I knew Nate wanted to finish the hike and I really didn't want to wuss out. Let's just say I love my fiance! Seeing my struggle, both emotionally with wanting to continue on and physically for not feeling like I could, he made the decision to turn around. I love him for knowing when to push me farther and when to help me at the times when I'm too stubborn for my own good. I love him for put my physical well being ahead of his personal desires. I love him for not thinking I'm a wimp.

So here's to my first trip on Camelback. I didn't make it as far as I wanted but never fear, now that I've got a reliable hiking buddy I'll be back and next time it's personal.

Making a List, Checking it Twice!

No I'm not taking a part time job as Santa Clause, but I do feel like I'm asking everyone else to play the part as recently Nate and I took a couple days and started our gift registry. Yes you read that right, "a couple days" and "start." Ok really we started 2 registries at 2 seperate stores but still. Over all we had a lot of fun but you (or at least I) can only make so many decisions before my head wants to explode. 300 vs 400 vs 500 thread count. Sateen vs all cotton. Stainless steel vs non-stick. This pattern of flatwear vs that pattern of flatwear. Dirt devil vs hoover. And they want how much for that????? I know that people want to give us presents to congratulate us on our wedding and start us out on our new life together but I still had a little bit of inner turmoil as I felt greedy asking for all this stuff. We're kind of in an interesting spot seeing as we've both been on our own for a while but we have a number of items that need to be replaced that were either hand-me-downs from roommates past (sorry Stef the avocado green toaster is reaching the end of it's days) or cheep college stuff (anyone interested in a $5 set of plastic cooking utensils? No, how about a $2 strainer?).

So as we work on perfecting our registry I'm curious, in looking back what was your favorite gift you received for your wedding? And/or what was one thing you didn't register for but really wished you had after the fact?