Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's in a name?

It came to my attention after my last post that every cool car has to have a name, and then I realized that I forgot to mention the RAV's name. Names are important (just ask any parent), so we batted around a number of ideas and hopefully came up with a good one. Since the car is blue we thought that would be a good place to start.

Given Avatar's recently popularity we considered Na'vi...but it sounded to similar to Nuvi our Garmin GPS.

So what about Smurfette? Cute and fun, maybe good for a mini cooper but it didn't quite fit. The RAV isn't prissy car and Smurfette just seemed too delicate and flighty.

The RAV is fast, strong, sleek and pretty. So with that in mind we came up with Mystique. What do you think? Do you see a resemblance? Never mind the fact that the character Mystique is a villain, the car doesn't fit in that respect (despite what some people may say about Toyota these days). I think the name fits the RAV pretty well, and apparently we're going with a Marvel theme in our house as Nate has taken to calling the Saturn the Silver Surfer.

Monday, March 29, 2010


This last week Nate said good bye to an old friend. The two of them had a lot of good years together and he was always reliable until he recently left Nate stranded on his way home. With that we decided that it was time to let the old friend go, and so we said good bye to the '98 Malibu with it's 153,000 miles.

Appropriately it was a rainy day when Nate cleaned out his car to get it ready to turn in.

The next day we came home with a shiny new 2010 Toyota RAV4 V6. We've been looking at this car for almost a year and it was finally the right time. So far we love our new friend and have already broken her in with a trip to the Superstition Mountains. We look forward to having a lot of adventures with her down the road.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


About six months ago we started on a journey. A journey that would decide the next three years of our life and the next step in Nate's career. It was the journey to get into a residency program. We looked at all our options here in the Valley, and thoughtfully considered other possibilities elsewhere that might be good for our family. There were a few trips for Nate to go to interviews, and numerous dinners where we played the schmooze game, a game which I've never particularly enjoyed.

Then came the time for decisions. After much pondering and discussion, Nate set his list of preferred programs and then we waited as it was out of our hands. We counted down the days and we waited for the day when we would find out where he would match. Today the waiting finally paid off. Today we found out that Nate will be part of the 2013 class at the Scottsdale Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program. HIS #1 CHOICE!!!

We're so excited that he's going to be at Scottsdale, and so relieved to finally know where we'll be for the next three years and know it means we don't have to move. I find it funny how both of us have come full circle in our jobs. After 3.5 years I'm back working for my old boss and he's back working at Scottsdale Healthcare where he used to work as a health unit coordinator.

I think this calls for a celebration.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello March

From the looks of things, I'm turning into one of THOSE kinds of blog posters. The kind that go weeks without a peep. Well the good news behind my radio silence is it's because I GOT A JOB. Yep I'm a bonafide working woman again. Even though currently it is still "part time" I've been busier lately then I was at my full time job, thus the blog has become slightly neglected. Sorry. It's amazing how much you can find to do when you're not tethered to a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I'm both excited and sometimes a bit nervous about the new job. It will a melding of both of my past two jobs with also new layers of responsibility and knowledge areas that I know very little about. Agricultural land use, say what?! Running a small office? Whew, this is going to be interesting.

It is also going to be interesting to work with one of my old bosses again. Doug was one of my first bosses out of college, and now after several years and much discussion, our paths have finally crossed again. While I've been anticipating this opportunity for a couple years, it's amazing how all the pieces have coalesced right when we needed them to. I think someone out there just may be looking after us.

That's really the biggest development February had to offer which is alright because the next few months will have enough changes to come.