Saturday, July 3, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window?

About a month ago we said goodbye to our old family dog Yoda. As Nate and I helped my family look at listings for new furry friends Nate mentioned how he had thought about getting a dog for us to keep me company while he's gone. So after a couple weeks of thinking and looking we found this little guy.

Buster is a little beagle mix, though the jury is still out on what his mix might be. Votes have been cast for, terrier (i.e. Jack Russell), chihuahua, and pug. What ever he is, he's just dang cute and sweet. Buster was rescued by Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club from the pound since he was on the euthanasia list for being so frightened there. I can't say that I blame him, I would be too. His foster mom thought that maybe he had gotten away from his previous owners and no one came to find him. Alas their loss is our gain.

So far he's been settling in pretty well at his new home though he was our little shadow for the first couple days. He is surprisingly mellow, and very little seems to phase him; not the vacuum or the doorbell, or fireworks, or the the bunch of nieces/nephews who wanted to pet him, make him do tricks and give him treats. Though he was worn out afterwards and fell asleep after being home for five minutes.

The only things that do get him really worked up are walks (because he LOVES going for walks) and other dogs that he sees on walks presumably because he wants to go be friends (according to Nate).

He loves to cuddle and keeps trying to join us up on the couch or in bed, but we're working on that. Sunday night after playing with the nieces and nephews, I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when Nate knocked on the door.

"Is Buster in there with you?"

"No...can't you find him?"


"Is he in his crate?"


"Is he on the spare bed?"


"Well he has to be somewhere in here."

I called his name and a few seconds later I heard his tags jingling only to see his little head pop out from under our bed. I guess if he couldn't get on the bed, he would instead go under it.

We're looking forward to having fun with this little guy for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

Dogs are great - based on your description, I'd throw chihuahua right out. Maybe pug...

Gardners said...

Um, now that I've seen him, I'm thinking he's a beagle and miniature rottweiler mix. Not that those minis are easy to come by... :)

Either way, he's a cutie and should provide you with tons of future fun!

Becca said...

WOOHOO - Dogs are the best and great companions!

Oh man - they got a dog, now they are really tied down.

(A brief summery of our dog experience - but I would get dogs again and again)